2017 Seniors: Take It All In

Nobody knows what tomorrow is going to bring. Try as we may, none of us can predict the future. Some have plans for the future, some are willing to wing it, and some are dreading the plans that they haven’t make yet. Some are wondering if there is luck on their side. Some are wondering what could go wrong and what could go right. Then, there are some, like the graduating seniors of the Rowan’s Men’s Club Lacrosse team, who may be just wondering if there is a life beyond this week.

The directions they mean to go in hold so much for them. Whether the future reveals itself quickly or gradually, these seniors can see themselves pursuing it all with confidence. Being at Rowan shaped them with the tools they need to become successful, while lacrosse did something else. Of course, the classrooms were where they trained their minds, but training their hearts, that happened on the field.

It is with those trained hearts and minds that these six amazing seniors brace themselves for the next chapter. Not just a new beginning, but a chance at everything they seek to pursue. This is their time.

#4 Brian Mahoney-Team President, Social Media and Marketing Manager, and Goalie

Bachelor’s of Arts in Radio/Television/ and Film

Radio/Television/ and Film major with minors in Marketing, Journalism, and New Media

Brian Mahoney took the reigns of the team from Rob Zybrick last year, and throughout the course of this season, Mahoney has shown just how capable he is as a leader. Mahoney kept a professional and mature reputation with the team, as well as the many teams the Profs’ have faced. Mahoney’s encouraging words at the end of every game were a staple to his leadership-style. The performance of his team this season is a testament to the hard work that he and the rest of the E-board put into this program. Mahoney plans to continue working with American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. Along with that, he wishes to work as a digital marketer in New York City.





#21 Nick Scardilli-Defensive Coordinator, Defensive-Middie

Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Nick Scardilli had a productive year as defensive coordinator, using his keen-sense of direction to make the team’s line of defensive-middies do their jobs. Scardilli took charge in practice, to become a strong component to the team’s planning squad. Scardilli was a hardworking student, claiming the Rec Center’s Male Scholar Athlete of the Year award. Scardilli will go on to work for Weeks Marine, Inc. as a staff engineer.




#87 Ryan Gallagher-Attack-man

Bachelor’s of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering

Civil/Environmental Engineering

Ryan Gallagher was a key component to Rowan’s offense. With a dependable righty shot and the ability to switch between attack and middie, Gallagher became a true force to watch. Gallagher proved to be adaptable, working exceptionally well with Gorzynski and Soravilla this season. Gallagher will be going off to become a staff engineer for the municipal engineering division of T&M Associates.




#98 Chris Deck-Middie

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science

Chris Deck was a tank at midfield, with a consistent ability to plow through incoming heat. Deck was also a dependable offensive-man. He was consistently useful for shot opportunities and possession-shots. His ability to play through injuries was also admirable. Deck will be working for TD Bank as a member of their cyber-security department.




#11 Ryan Francisco-Secretary, Long-Stick Middie, Defensive-Middle

Bachelor’s of Arts in Secondary Education & Mathematics

Math and Education

Ryan Francisco was and still is respected and loved by his team. Mahoney himself refers to Francisco as the team’s “hype-machine.” This rings true, as Francisco was the team’s dependable fireball on the sidelines. Francisco’s knowledge of the game and levelheadedness made him the brother that the team appreciated. His journey will continue to lead him to places that will utilize his personality. Francisco will go on to become a math teacher and spend his time as a lacrosse coach.



#66 Mike Conroy –Long-Stick Middie

Bachelor’s of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mike Conroy had to carry some extra weight this season, due to both Tom Case and Ryan Fisher graduating last year. Conroy took the challenge with a smile on his face. Conroy took the field confidently and with strong stamina. He sported his characteristic positive attitude whenever he was at a practice or game. His work with Francisco and Steve Cupo at LSM kept the midfield a well-controlled place. Although not officially graduating until next year, Conroy will eventually be going on to work as either a structural engineer or a geotechnical engineer for a big company in New York.




It’s not the end of everything, it’s the beginning of everything. This is the week where the fun of celebrating will temporarily eclipse everything beyond it. The future is coming fast, and ready or not, it will reveal itself in the way it chooses. Nobody can predict the future.

For these guys though, that’s okay. They’re going to get up anyway.

Congratulations, All Six Graduating Seniors!





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