The 1st Annual Alumni Game: A Rowan Men’s Lacrosse Family Reunion

Brian Mahoney must have felt nostalgic, sharing the field with 20 Rowan Men’s Lacrosse alumni for the team’s Inaugural Alumni Game on Saturday, March 25.

Included in those 20, were Rowan’s past three presidents, Rob Zybrick, Alex Mulholland, and John Hyde. 

The day wasn’t meant to be completely serious. It was meant simply as a way to bring  together alumni of past seasons and players of the current team for a celebration.

That doesn’t mean things didn’t get tense and competitive though. Bragging rights were up for grabs and this became hilariously apparent when the game began and the current guys belted “rah rah washed-up!” The alumni weren’t salty though, and reciprocated  with “rah rah old guys!”

This was the simple pace of the whole entire game; serious as it seemed when freshman, John Slover, found himself stacked-up against Mulholland for the first face-off. Mulholland, wearing a helmet visor, seemed to retain the same intelligence and physical power that won the Profs many face-offs in years past. Mulholland benefitted from the presence of old teammates, such as former attackman, Christian Gretz, who utilized his brash playing style to snag a smooth goal on the current team. Alumni, Dan Berger, a former-defensive middie, powered through midfield off of a clear to score a goal of his own.

This relatively-slow yet entertaining game also saw a quite a few looks from Rowan’s offense. Freshman Mike Soravilla snuck a behind-the-back shot off of an assist from Alex Chalef. Other goals for the current guys came from Ryan Gallagher, Matt Gorzynski, Chalef, and Will Spreen. For the sake of the occasion, Derek Hofmann traded his goalie stick for a short-stick and hopped in at middie. This change-up worked well when Hofmann utilized freshman, Mike Murray to run the ball up to freshman, Connor Burroughs on offense. Soravilla also jumped in with the role-playing fun, picking up a pole to go LSM.

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As with offense, defense wasn’t lacking on either side. The alumni’s defense stood strong with the likes of seasoned-defenseman such as Zybrick, who butt-heads (literally) a number of times with the current players. Also in the alumni ranks were tanks, Matt Liss and Colin McIntire, and the speedy legs of Dwight Tucci. This was matched on the current team with players such as junior, Eric Johnson, Murray, and sophomores, Ian Rattigan and Bruce Barrett. On the wings, Ryan Fisher and Tom Case also made their appearances, contrasting senior, Mike Conroy and junior, Steven Cupo.

Those matches were the beauty of the game. This is shown in how the alumni won in overtime, where Mulholland bested Slover in a Braveheart challenge to snipe the alumni team into a 9-8 victory.

In a fun-filled game with plenty of laughs, both teams really just enjoyed the fun of a non-season game. This game was not just a celebration of old friends and torches changing hands. This was a celebration of how far Rowan Men’s Club Lacrosse has come. Players such as Mulholland can attest to this, beings that he and his team of alumni have watched the program grow before their very eyes.

“It was just awesome getting to see the guys again, it was something we all worked together to build one way or another,” Mulholland said.






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