Profs Embark Once Again


President Brian Mahoney minding the goal during a drill


Sophomore Derek Hofmann watching from goal


    It’s a common fact, that whether we’re prepared for it or not, life moves on. It always has and it always will. We all manage to wake up and decide that we can take on the day, even if we know that good times are not guaranteed. We get up anyways.

   We understand that nothing is given to us. Yet, it is that thought that causes many of us to get going and move forward. When people try to take on the day and earn their peace, they gradually take their character to a new level. It’s the thrill of not knowing what the day is going to bring. It’s the challenge and the thirst for competition that brings guys like the fighters of Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse onto their feet in the morning. The camaraderie, the thrill, the thirst, and the new waters to be traveled, these are what call good men to go to battle.

   Well, this past Tuesday night, the Profs soldiered up. A team of 28; composed of older veterans who’ve grabbed the reins and emerging players who will likely be a vital component to the team this spring season. The team returned to Total Turf Experience in Pitman, NJ, where the facility’s indoor field will be the team’s home during the cold weeks. Boxed within a strong Plexiglas wall and carpeted with artificial turf, this is the perfect incubator for the Profs’ spring season hopes.

   The team has good reason to. The fall season was a good litmus test for where the team stands as far as strengths, as well as all of the parts to improve upon. There will always be ways to spruce up the chemistry and fundamentals of a team. Those are the things that are truly going to make this season one for the books. So, it’ll be a journey for them as they move through to the meat of their spring season.

  That’s for sure. The big thing to wonder about is how the team will continue with the progress it made last semester. The seniors and the rest of the team officers will be aiming to bring the team through every practice, every game and try to improve every single time they’re on a field.

  We can’t predict the future and nobody knows what the future holds.

  That may be true, but the Profs got moving anyway.


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