New Faces, New Officers, and a Clean Slate for Rowan Club Men’s Lax

There are many things that college students come to learn in four-or-so years. One of those lessons is that time can go by astoundingly fast. A young adult in our society must learn how to take in the big and little things happening all around them. The Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse team has certainly come to see this firsthand. They finished their season last April, went to bed that night, and woke up this morning to find themselves entering into their third week of a new season.

It is certainly a humbling process. Yet, the team has taken this new chapter in-stride. Debuting six new officers, the Profs got right to work on September 12, with the first official practice. Senior Brian Mahoney, will be serving as president; filling in the shoes of graduate, Rob Zybrick. As president, Mahoney prepared for that chilly first night and when it came time, a group of 71 lacrosse players showed up at Richard Wacker Stadium. Among those 71 athletes were 21 returning players from last year’s season.

“His [Mahoney’s] rapport with everyone exceeds mediocrity. His dedication to the program over his time here at Rowan isn’t overlooked.”-Ryan Francisco

Mahoney will maintain his presence as the team’s Social Media and Marketing Manager. Joining Mahoney in the team’s group of officers is junior TJ Mulderig, as vice president. Mulderig will be holding triple the responsibilities as he retains his position of treasurer from last year, and serve as the team’s offensive coordinator as well. For secretary, senior Ryan Francisco will be lending his positive energy to the position. Junior Eric Johnson takes the position of risk manager, while sophomore Bruce Barrett takes the new position of Communications Director. Barrett’s duties will include keeping the members of the team, as well as their families, in the loop. Lastly, is junior Nick Scardilli, who will complement Mulderig and serve as the team’s defensive coordinator.

Six good heads thinking together and two weeks out of the way. Yet, it’s a characteristic for this team to hit the ground running.


The Profs’ 2016-17 Officers



President Brian Mahoney 

Grade: Senior

Major: Radio/ TV/ Film with minors in Marketing and Journalism with a concentration in New Media

Hometown: Park Ridge, NJ

Brian’s Qualifications: “Brian is our goalie. He does a great job leading the defense. He is very vocal and understands where everyone needs to be. He possesses all the qualities you’d want in a player and a leader. His rapport with everyone exceeds mediocrity. His dedication to the program over his time here at Rowan isn’t overlooked. I’d personally like to thank him for always looking out for me on the field, he’s been a good friend since my transfer to Rowan. He’s done a great job so far this fall as president and it’ll only transition into the spring season.”-Francisco.


Vice President, Treasurer, and Offensive Coordinator TJ Mulderig

Grade: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Washington Township, NJ

TJ’s Qualifications: “In his freshman year, TJ was a vocal presence on the field. The other officers and I knew he was a leader and knew he would do well as an officer. We decided to bring him onto the executive board as the treasurer of the team, and not surprisingly, he did a great job. This year he continues to hold the position of treasurer, but he has also been given the titles of Vice President and Offensive Coordinator. He is my right hand man this year and I know he’ll do great as the President of the team next year.”-Mahoney.


Secretary Ryan Francisco

Grade: Senior

Major(s): Mathematics and Education with an Endorsement in Special Education

Hometown: Washington Township, NJ

Qualifications: “Ryan’s love for the game of lacrosse and passion for the team is incomparable. He also shows great leadership qualities and is very vocal on the field. He is the team’s hype man. You simply can’t be around him without being hyped up and ready for the game. Every time we’re in a team huddle, he gives a short motivational speech and breaks down the huddle.There was no question that he needed to be on the executive board. Last year’s executive board felt that he would be a perfect fit for the Secretary position. He is in charge of signing the team up for charity/ community service projects as well as being a leader on the field.”-Mahoney.


Risk Manager Eric Johnson

Grade: Junior

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Qualifications: “Eric was also a great vocal presence on the field, even as a freshman. Eric commanded his line of defense and presented his leadership skills. He was another obvious choice to be brought onto the executive board. We decided to bring him on as the Risk Manager. His responsibilities include being in charge of safety and injuries at practices and games as well as communicate with the Rec Center about traveling and competition results.”-Mahoney.


Defensive Coordinator Nick Scardilli

Grade: Junior

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Monroe, NJ

Qualifications: “Nick has always been a vocal presence on the field especially on the defense. He always took the initiative to help teach new defensive sets and packages. There was no hesitation to bring him on the executive board as the Defensive Coordinator.”-Mahoney.


Communications Director Bruce Barrett

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Mickleton, NJ

Qualifications: “We believe executive boards function much better if there are sophomores, juniors, and seniors as members. Bruce showed leadership qualities as a freshman and will be a dominant force on our defense. We brought him on as the Communications Director. He will be in charge of sending out reminders, updates, alerts, etc. to all the players and the players’ parents.”-Mahoney.



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