Seniors, Unto the Breach!

This season, the team watched nine seniors dominate the field. A tough group of guys who left a real mark on Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse. This week, they graduate Rowan University and move on to the next phase of their lives. This week, these nine young-men will find closure to four years of adventures, obstacles, and fire-bred lacrosse.

Over the course of the past four years, these guys made men’s lacrosse at Rowan a force to be reckoned with. They spread the team’s name to new places by playing an even-more packed schedule every year. They drove for hours to face harder and farther teams. They put a couple of shots in a couple of goals and proved themselves as a team to be taken seriously.  They initiated the Lax for Donnie Tournament, which brought the name of a fallen teammate into Rowan’s attention, and showed how genuine this team is. Thus, it’s no secret that the team we see now was built with the hands of these seniors.

The team will certainly find ways to cope, but it won’t be the same without these guys. So, it’s easy to say that they are leaving some big shoes to fill. Next year’s team will have to make do without the commanding presence and voice of Rob Zybrick. They will miss the organizational skills and the good heart that Matt Liss is known for. Heaven knows that it’s hard to find a defender who can run like Dwight Tucci. Midfield will miss the ghoulish and intimidating game-play of Ryan Miller. The wings won’t be the same without Swiss army-knives such as Tom Case and Ryan Fisher. The left side of the cage will need somebody strong and sure-footed like Tim Egan. There will surely be a vacant hole on the “X” without Alex Muholland there to dominate face-offs. The team also has to adjust to junior, Colin McIntire, leaving the team next year to finish his degree as a senior. The team will miss how loud McIntire is, not to mention how well he laid-down the law as a defensive-middie.

This is the beauty of the situation. The team will adjust to the loss of their seniors; the younger guys will step up as they continue to mature. It’s a part of organized sports. One thing is certain though, and it’s that these nine young-men will never be forgotten. They will be seen as the nurturers to what Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse is from here on out.

So, I give you your 2016 seniors, all-set and ready for a new beginning! Good luck, guys! Carpe Diem!


#23 President Rob Zybrick

Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering


#49 Vice President Matt Liss

Bachelor’s in Science of Marketing


#24 Dwight Tucci

Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering


#91 Ryan Fisher

Bachelor’s of Science in Finance


#35 Tom Case

Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering


#40 Alex Muholland

Bachelor’s of Science


#8 Ryan Miller

Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering


#37 Tim Egan

Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering


#48 Colin McIntire 

Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting


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