Profs Find Hope in 12-9 Loss to St. Joseph’s

     These boys can do incredible things. The force that they’ve molded to become, is stronger than ever. After a close loss against St. Joseph’s University this past Saturday, the Profs know that they can be something to reckon with.

    The back-and-forth game ended 12-9. It’s even more interesting to consider that St. Joseph’s is ranked number one in the nation. If the Profs can put on a game like that against a highly-skilled team, according to Brian Mahoney, then the team could have a real chance at winning the championship.

    Rowan still had some bad luck in the game though, unfortunately. According to Mahoney, the team saw freshman, Dylan Vargas, get hit in the neck. This caused him to sit out for a little while. In the same play, Dwight Tucci received a penalty. When the penalty finally timed-out, St. Joe’s scored within seconds of being even. Mahoney stayed in cage during the second and fourth quarters (Hofmann took the first and third quarters). He humbly admits to letting in two “bad goals.” Thus, Mahoney was pretty harsh on himself. He tries not to let it get to him though.

“You have to have that mentality or else you’ll get stuck in the past.” Mahoney said.


Photo courtesy of Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse. Permission of use granted.

The Profs surely have some experience with St. Joe’s. The Philadelphia-based university was part of a double-hitter in the fall, where the Profs unfortunately lost both games. Prior to that, the Profs saw the Hawks in the playoffs last year.

“We know this team. We know what they can do. We know their favorite shooting spots. We know them. That’s why we’re improving, because we know this team and we know what they’re capable of.” Mahoney said. “We’ve made adjustments to play in accordance to their gameplay, to counter-act their gameplay. It showed on Saturday.”

    Mahoney said that on defense, substitutions could have been better. Penalties were an issue, but overall, defense played pretty well, especially during the first half. The team’s groundball game also could’ve seen improvement. Mahoney said that boxing-out and helping each other out during groundballs were key areas.

    St. Joe’s team is a skillful one, according to Mahoney. The Prof’s were formidable though. They worked together and they were able to see a good number of goals though from Matt Gorzynski and Billy Van Dyke.

   Even though they lost this game, the Profs have been stirred up. At the end of the day, they put nine goals against the number-one ranked team in the nation. This is going to give them the fuel to charge to the playoffs this Saturday coming up.

Mahoney was asked what he takes away from this game.

“I’m taking away that we can have a good shot at winning the national championship. Going into the season, our whole goal was to make it to the national championship. You know, some people on the team didn’t truly believe it was a possibility, but after Saturday, the whole team knows that since we can compete with the number one team in the National College Lacrosse League, we can do this. That’s my take-away from that game. Despite our loss.” Mahoney said.

The playoff game will be versus Westchester University, and is set for Saturday at Westchester.

Here we go!



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