Profs Suffer Loss to Temple at Home

A rough day comes along every now and then.

It was certainly a rough day for the team. After a full game of fighting against Temple University, the team left the field with a 2-13 loss.

The Profs tried their hardest to keep their heads up during this long game. It was a game where many individual players found themselves breaking their backs to get momentum going. Shots were abundant, and there was definitely not any fear of taking them. Offense overall had trouble though breaking through a hounding defense. A really revved-up Alex Chalef took multiple shots on goal but unfortunately had no luck.

Rowan’s defense played their game against a slick Temple offense. The Owl’s were quick and difficult to contain. Luckily, defense was able to catch its breath with the good rotation of defensive-lines. One issue though was alertness. Rob Zybrick said that there was too much ball-watching.

“Defense couldn’t keep their head on a swivel and that was their ultimate downfall.” Zybrick said.

At the end of the game, the Profs came out with two goals. These gave the boys some sort of relief. The first was scored in the first quarter by Billy Van Dyke, who nailed it from 15 yards out. The second goal came from Matt Gorzynski, who utilized the space during a scrub to put the Profs at 2 goals for the game. Van Dyke the game at midfield in place of injured middie, TJ Mulderig.

“We didn’t show up today, we just took up space out there. We didn’t have the hunger or the drive.” Zybrick said.

The boys now move forward to the highly-anticipated Lax for Donnie Tournament tomorrow. This loss to will serve as added-motivation to bulldoze through the entire thing.


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