Profs Dominate in Double-Header; Atlantic Cape & Monmouth Univeristy

The flames were still blazing on March 6. Even without a day to rest, the Profs hopped off of their victory over Williamson College, and launched themselves straight for Monmouth University. When the cool afternoon air was still scratching onto their skin, the boys got to work in their first double-header of the season, versus Atlantic Cape Community College, and Monmouth University.

Beings that it was still early-March, Monmouth’s Kessler Field still bared snow along the sidelines. That being said, the boys certainly kept their cool while the fun was underway.

That fun began with Atlantic Cape, where the theme of spot-on timing by offense helped the Profs’ score in quick succession. This eventually contributed to an end score of 15-1.

On the X, Alex Muholland dominated face-offs of the long but entertaining game. Attack was making quick work of the Buccaneers, with goals coming from Donovan Moyer, Billy Van Dyke, Vin Ceres and Ryan Gallagher. Midfield also took advantage of the opportunities to score, with goals from TJ Mulderig, and a couple of well-timed goals by freshman, Dylan Vargas. After the fourth quarter, the boys were set to relish their victory and get ready for Monmouth.

Without missing a beat, the boys got back into moving around before their Monmouth game. The Profs witnessed a rough start though, with a goal against them in the first quarter. The Hawks’ attack-men kept the Profs’ defense busy for a couple bouts. Thanks to some fierce defense from Rob Zybrick, some body from Matt Liss, as well as the keen support of the defensive middies, defense kept themselves a true presence. Quick clears by the goalkeepers gave offense the ability to get on track and build momentum.

That momentum developed into a domino-effect. The game turned on its head when a string of goals heightened the intensity of the game. A number of goals were placed by Mulderig, Miller, and Van Dyke, but other goals belong to sophomore, Nick Scardilli, Moyer, and senior, Tim Egan.

Those goals certainly boosted the team’s morale. Junior, Ryan Francisco, became the heart of the sideline, keeping the team livened-up with passionate cheering. Everybody around Francisco fed off of his enthusiasm, and bounced with energy when the Profs found themselves with a 12-6 victory over the Hawks when the last whistle blew.


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