Up and Running Once Again (Literally)

Welcome back, everyone! It was a long winter break, and a slow hiatus between the fall season and now this. The team is back up and prepping gears for the spring season. Here we go again, and it all starts right now!

Actually, it started Tuesday night at the Total Turf sports complex in Pitman, NJ. A late-night practice until midnight among middle-aged men playing soccer in this huge building. Face-by-face, cleat-by-cleat, our boys ramped-up themselves as they entered onto the indoor, multi-purpose field. The cold air won’t be bothering them for a little while, since this complex maintains a warm temperature around the field; via heating-vents that look astonishingly like bug-zappers.

There was a little bit of nostalgia, because of time I’ve spent with my high school team in sports centers like Total Turf. Only at the one I’m used to, there weren’t any Plexiglas walls surrounding us from the bleachers. These are a must when you want to be close to the action, but expect to retain your teeth afterward. I’d say, luckily for the older-men playing soccer in the section of field next to us, a black netting kept them from being hit by balls.



Imagine the fun of when the field was opened up and the netting taken out of the way. It looked like practice would go well, and it did. The boys touched upon a number of drills. The flow of drills always makes me happy. The way guys know what to do and it turns out looking like a well-oiled machine. I think emphasis on fundamentals exponentially builds confidence on a team.

Well, I’m really looking forward to all of the gnarly-looking practices to come from the place. Well, the whole season in general, really. I’m ready for the clearing, the cleats, the checks, the go-behinds, the FOGO’s, and all of the cardio to go with it all. I almost forgot to mention, what would a good team without flow and facial hair? People, it’s time for a new adventure.

…and so it begins, my friends, and so it begins.







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