The Man, the Myth, and the Mahoney



Social Media and Marketing Manager, Brian Mahoney, has witnessed a lot in the past-four months, let alone the past-three years he’s spent on the team.

It’s clear to us that this team started out with some strong names in the group. A number of talented players arrived, from returnees like senior, Cristian Gretz and junior Pat Lynman, to freshmen like midfielders, Vin Ceres and Ariel Zelaya, and defenders, George Sayre and Bruce Barrett. The turn-out comprised of over 60 students.

Brian Mahoney must’ve been thinking about the season to come. Along with the other officers, Mahoney was in a position where most people have to be smart and flexible. The team received an abundance of heads who were ready to play, and the mission to bring these players together and form a team was very clear to our officers.

Since then, the team has made a blazing-start with the fall season. With many nights spent on Richard Wacker Stadium’s multi-purpose field, these young men put in the work to be an interesting team to follow. From  running full-field suicides and fast-paced, half-field scrimmages, the boys did it all, and Mahoney was right there with them. From my nights on the field, I just remember seeing Brian coming to practice with a good mentality. The kind of guy who knows what to do, and the kind of guy who knows what kind of an image he wants his team to see in him. From seeing him interact with the team and seeing the level of respect he has garnered from his teammates, it makes a person sure that this young-man is a leader.

Brian is a vital component to the team through his use of social media and text alerts that keep his team up to speed. Brian also plays a strong role as a good source of feedback, according to Club President Rob Zybrick.

“Brian is my right-hand man when it comes to everything from practices to organizing the Lax for Donnie tournament. I can rely on him to give me his honest opinion on the lacrosse team as a whole.” Zybrick said.

When big games came up, like the five at Fall Brawl, the team saw what can be accomplished with more goalies. Freshmen Derek Hofmann and Kevin Powers joined the ranks and helped to relieve one Brian Mahoney of the stress that being the only goalie can cause. That’s not to say he didn’t see any action in the cage; far from it. Brian spearheaded the three goalies, and helped his team to win four out of the five games that day.

Through the subsequent games to follow, such as round robins with schools such as Philadelphia University, St. Joseph’s University, and Temple University, Brian’s seen a ton of action. They say that war changes a man, well, I think it’s okay to say that lacrosse is not exactly war. Yet, with the long quarters that a goalie has to stay inside one tiny circle on a field, plus the speed of which lacrosse balls come flying at them, it’s okay to say it’s a tough job. Vice President Matt Liss, would agree to that.

“He’s got our back. He’s been the only goalie for two years now. It takes a lot of guts and he’s tough enough to shake-off some hard shots. That and what he’s done as an officer has had a huge impact on our program and he’s a big reason why we’ve been so successful recently.” Liss said.

Now, we wait for the spring season to see what Mr. Mahoney has in-store for us. I have a feeling it will be pretty sharp.









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