Senior Attackman Christian Gretz Bids a Fond Farewell to the Team

Christian Gretz ended his season early with the team last night. Gretz will be graduating at the end of the fall semester with a degree in Graphic Design; leaving the team without the senior attack-man in the spring.

Gretz made his departure yesterday, as the fall-ball season came to an end with a Round Robin tournament at St. Joseph’s University. The team lost to both St. Joseph’s and Temple University. Gretz placed two goals in the two games combined.

“We played well yesterday. I think there is still a lot of work to be done, and minor things to tweak. However, a couple of the younger guys really stepped-up, and that’s no easy task against those two powerhouse teams.” Gretz said.

A starting attack-man, Gretz said that he’s been around sports all of his life. After friends insisted that he play, Gretz picked up lacrosse in the fifth grade, where he had also been participating in ice hockey. With his skills at attack, Gretz said that his time on the ice has added to his ability.

“Being an ice hockey goalie for years, my peripheral vision is better than most, and I’m more confident in my stick skills to throw a no-look pass that nobody can see. Being my size, I have to rely on other tactics going against guys twice my size.” Gretz said.

When looking back on his career with the Profs, Gretz remembers his “disastrous” first game against La Salle University. Here, the team lost 9-2 in 30 degree weather, Gretz wound up scoring one goal and assisting the other.

“To go from a team losing that bad, playing four games a season, to keeping up with undefeated champs Temple and even beating previous champs [like] West Chester, that’s pretty incredible.” Gretz said.

According to Gretz, he was not always the best student in high school, but was a dependable person. This dependability was used in his role on the team, as which he describes himself as a leader.

“I’ve always been an energy guy, and when people see what you can do and believe in what you’re doing, that’s a guy they’ll follow and get behind.” Gretz said.

Now that he’s off and setting his sights on graduation, Gretz said that he eventually would like to get a chance at coaching. Gretz said he’s found enjoyment in giving back to the sport by helping in any way he can. He says that if he’s lucky, that he’d like to come back to Rowan and coach the very team he’s played on these past few years.

As for the present, Gretz feels the nostalgia and bittersweet feeling of leaving. In message to his teammates, Gretz holds them in high respect.

“To the boys, I’ve played with some of you guys for three years, and some of you for three months, but you guys were the best teammates and brothers to play with. Some tough losses, and some amazing wins, I will never forget my time playing for Rowan, and really putting this team on the map.” Gretz said.

The fall-ball season has officially ended. With the things to improve on clear in their minds, the rest of the Profs will be preparing for the spring. Wherever they go, they’ll have to get there without Gretz. The senior himself will be preparing to walk for graduation in the spring.

“Playing your last career high school or collegiate game is bittersweet. It hasn’t hit me yet, but it will. Ironically, my last full season and career both ended at St. Joseph’s. But scoring a goal or two against the reigning champs, and in front of some of my family, that’s something that I won’t forget.” Gretz said


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