The Team Helps in Making Strides at Pennsauken Breast Cancer Walk

For the past four years, the boys have been attending the annual American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k walk in Pennsauken, NJ, and this year was no exception. This past-Sunday, the team took an early-morning trip to Pennsauken, wearing their  “Never Give Up” t-shirts and pink wrist-bands.

Vice-President, Matt Liss, has been in charge this year for rounding the team up to go. Liss said he’s been getting the word out and posting the link to the even to get money going toward the fundraiser. Kids who tried out and kids on the team alike showed up, with a total of 35 members going to the walk.

“It’s a great way to meet some of the new guys without seeing a lacrosse helmet on them.” Liss said.

All together, the event drew-in 16,000 people and raised $535,000 to go toward the fight against breast cancer. Along with the walk, the fundraiser included a show in tribute to survivors attending, as well as Zumba.

“Me, Colin, and Francisco did really well.” Liss said of his Zumba experience.

Liss was grateful for the large number of attendees,

“A lot of people have breast cancer…You can tell with all of the support they get, down in Pennsauken. It was a 3-mile walk around a lake, and there was just so many people.” Lits said.


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