Profs Win 16-1 Against Philadelphia University

The team had a nice game against Philadelphia University today, snatching up a 16-1 win in their fall Round Robin Tournament . The beautiful weather was a plus, as well as a team full of good attitudes. The tournament was played on Rowan’s intramural field and was originally planned to host Dickinson College as well. That team did not come to the tri-tournament, so it was just Rowan vs. Philly U. The game went smoothly, with defense only giving up one goal. On the X, was senior, Alex Mulholland, who got the majority of face-offs. He and the rest of the offense saw a great margin with scoring. Among the scorers were Christian Gretz, Ryan Gallagher, Chris Deck, Donovan Moyer, Ryan Miller, and Billy Van Dyke. In cage were Derek Hofmann and Kevin Powers, manning the first and second halves respectively.

In this photo gallery, you’ll see the team from the start of the game while they warmed-up, to later in the game when things were cooling down.


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