FoGo Alex Mulholland Knows How to Get Smart.

Alex Mulholland, senior face-off-man from Jackson Township, sits down to recall his personal experiences, some hardships, some laughs, and his own history within the sport. As Mulholland divulges on his place on the team, he reveals his thoughts from the field, as well as some insight to his past with swimming.

Alex Muholland

Alex Mulholland

  1. Q. Where did you begin with lacrosse?

        A. ” I guess like 8th grade, freshman year of high school. I was just sick of baseball. I was just like playing baseball, wasn’t having fun anymore.”

2. Q. What do you think was a change from baseball to lacrosse?

A. “It [lacrosse] was a lot easier. It was a lot more to do, instead of just standing and waiting to hit a ball. I found it easier just picking the ball up, honestly.”

3. Q. Do you think it meshed with you?

A. “Yeah, I had to work pretty hard at it. I mean, I was in the backyard every day and night, just throwing and catching, playing wall-ball. Just so I wasn’t the worst guy at practice.”

4. Q. What brought you to Rowan?

A. “I got recruited by a couple schools, but at the time I was a national swimmer, I was ranked nationally. So, I wanted to go to Rowan because I liked the school, it had a good engineering major, and I got offered to swim here. So, I chose to come here.”

5. Q. As face-off specialist, do you ever feel nervous about being the center of attention?

A. “Yeah, before every game. I threw-up before every game on Saturday.”

6. Q. I guess it got to your nerves, I suppose?

A. “Yeah, I always get nervous, but once I’m going after it, it just comes like cake.”

7. Q. What kind of player would you describe yourself as?

A. “Smart, I use my head. I mean, before every face-off, I talk to my wing-guys and have them know what I’m going to do. I go into every face-off with a game-plan.”

8. Q. So, you think a few steps ahead.

A. “I kind of know what the other guy’s going to do or I just read his body-language.”

9. Q. How have the past three years been with lacrosse?

A. “Pretty good, I mean, I think I had my best face-off [number] of all-time. It was something like 93 percent or something like that.”

10. Q. What was your toughest moment from the past three years with the sport?

A. “I think it was just when I made the transition from long-pole to short-stick. I used to face-off, playing long-stick middie, just facing-off with the pole, and then we had Tom Case come on, and he’s a better long-stick middie than I ever was. So, I just made the switch to playing short-stick so I could have him on the wing.”

 11. Q. What do you think was the funniest moment from the past three years?

A. “I think it was after a tournament. We all just came back to the house after we showered and everything, just hanging-out, and we’re just sitting out on the roof and I think someone fell asleep and we forgot that he was there for a while. So, we were just hanging-out, watching cars go by, and we just forgot someone was on the roof.”


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