Team All Set for Fall Brawl 2015 in Chestertown, Maryland

Tomorrow, the team will be competing for the second time at the NCLL Fall Brawl in Chestertown, MD, and the team is pumped, prepared, and revving to get-in on the action again.

The team’s been toiling hard to get ready for their biggest tournament of the fall season. It’s only been three weeks since the first practice, but the team has been working hard to put in the time for this tournament. Practices have been concentrating on groundball work, transition gameplay, and work with clearing the ball; making sure to bring out any wrinkles they can find. The team’s been packed with kids coming out to play. According to team Marketing and Social Media Manager Brian Mahoney, the team is stacked on attack, very stacked on midfield with the many middies who came out this year, and more lines of defensemen. Mahoney said the original lines of defense from when he was a freshman were limited in talent and depth.

“The difference between line to line was so different. This year, each line on each position is not like worse than the other. It’s just great players. We’re still going to be putting in goals even with our third line of offense. We’ll still be stopping plays with our third line of defense.” Mahoney said.

Photo property of Rowan Club Men's Lacrosse. Permission to use granted.

Photo property of Rowan Club Men’s Lacrosse. Permission to use granted.

With a limit of 32 players allowed to the roster for the tournament, it’s been tough for team officers to decide who to bring along. When it comes to the goalies, Mahoney said that the team has a big decision on their hands.

“Our final roster can only have three goalies, we have four goalies right now. It’s better to have a hard choice to make a cut than it is to make an easy choice. It’s better that we have this talent and we have a challenge to create the best team we could possibly create.” Mahoney said.

With an hour and 40 minute drive to Worton Regional Park in Chestertown, the team will begin the tournament at 10am against Ithaca College, which is the reigning victor from last year’s tournament in Division II.

“They’re going to be a tough team, there’s no doubt about it. I have confidence that we can win. I didn’t scout them this year. I don’t know how many seniors they graduated. I’m going with the assumption that they’re just as good as last year. If we play with our full potential, I think we’ll be able to win.” Mahoney said.

The team comes off of last year’s tournament, where the team ended with a 2-2 record. The first game being a loss to Penn State Altoona which began at 9am, Mahoney said that the team wasn’t mentally there because it was earliness of the game. The team went on into their second game, where they narrowly defeated George Mason University, 8-7, in what Mahoney calls a “great game.” The team ended their run after a defeat from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 8-4.

As well as competing, the team will be all-eyes at the tournament. In response to the question of gauging other teams for the spring season, Mahoney stated,

“We’ll be scouting everybody. I’m not sure how many teams are from this area, or are actually going to be there, so whatever teams we play, we’re definitely going to take a look at.”



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