Club President Rob Zybrick Says He Works Well Under Pressure


So, I sat down with club president and close-defenseman, Rob Zybrick, to find out for myself, what it really takes to be a leader on a team of roughly 60 other men. Mr. Zybrick, or “Z” as his teammates call him, had a couple things to say about what being president feels like, as well as some thoughts on his past experience as the team’s treasurer. From the expectations for the games to come, to how he plans on handling the pressures of being leader, Mr. Zybrick let’s us in on his journey.

Q. Before you were president, how did you do with your job as treasurer?

A. “I was treasurer my sophomore and junior year(s). Sophomore year we only played four games, junior year we played 21 games. Sophomore year was a big learning experience. Junior year I did very well as treasurer and took on other responsibilities and was named Male Officer of the Year by the Rec Center.”

Q. What are you expecting to be the hardest part of being president?

A.”Staying organized and time management. Making sure I get respect from the team and making sure they get the respect from me.”

Q. Do you feel pressure from being the leader?

A. “Yeah, but it’s a good pressure, but at the same time it keeps me a the top of my game. It’s the type of pressure I work best with. Without pressure, I’m not as efficient.”

Q. How will being president work within games? Will you be using that time to play, coach, or both?

A. “It’s at the point where I’m the same age [as his teammates] where I don’t want to be bossing them around. I’m a player first. Every chief needs his Indians, and they need a chief. Without that system, the tribe, or in our case the team, falls apart.”

Q. What is leadership to you?

A. “Being in charge of people that have the same respect for you that you have for them.”


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