Recap and Thoughts from Last Night’s Practice

You should see this stadium at night.

You should see this stadium at night.

A good practice is something that takes innovation and hard-work to accomplish. I’ve already seen some sweat with this team, but last night’s practice seemed pretty good from an observer’s viewpoint. It was a cold night but they worked hard, I could actually see their sweat evaporating when they stood still. I tried to keep my body moving and even got a chance to shoot a little before the practice started. Ripping corners, people. Ripping corners.

Okay, if you want to read some more-factual news, I could say that I’m understanding this team’s practice procedure better. From stick-skills, to fast-breaks, and to well-coordinated 6-vs-6’s, the drills seemed to match the ones I’m more used to. It gets confusing when the drill gets a speed-boost, the pinnies are all different colors and I can’t tell who’s playing against who. Luckily, I figured out how the drills work and it was like “eureka!”

The team has good stick-skills from what I saw last night. Believe me when I tell you how good of an asset that is. When I first started lacrosse, it took me about three months to really get basic throwing and catching down. I got a better look at the defense and they’re a strong bunch. They have good feet and they help each other out, like d-poles are supposed to. They fire well and the fast-breaks seemed even, from where I was.

For those of you who don’t know, a fast-break is basically whenever a middie (or sometimes a long-stick middie) gets ball-possession from a variety of different ways and comes charging down the field towards the other team’s defense. My old coach used to have us start this drill backwards, then have to figure out how to handle our goal-minded kiddie (see what I did there?) Then, we’d have to slide to the ball according to which direction he was coming in.

The middies for this team are quick and have good timing for getting in when they need to. The attack know what they’re doing and let those good stick-skills do the talking. As for the goalies, they all could very-well be in the cage, but I’m wondering which one is going to be starting this year.

The team also has a tournament coming up soon in Maryland (which is a lacrosse hot-spot). On Saturday, the team will be playing in the 2015 NCLL (NCLL stands for National College Lacrosse League) Fall Brawl in Chestertown, MD. The first game of the tournament will be against Ithaca College at 10am. That’s going to be a long, long, long, long car ride. I will be sure to get coverage of that tournament either way. Still… that’ll be some long games of “I Spy” for some guys.


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