The Rowan Men’s Lacrosse Club Pays Tribute to One of its Founding Members with The Lax for Donnie Tournament Fundraiser

Logo and image belong to Rowan Men's Club Lacrosse. Permission of use granted.

Logo and image belong to Rowan Men’s Club Lacrosse. Permission of use granted.

Donnie Farrell, A student from Rowan University, helped to establish the Men’s Lacrosse Club back in 2007, but was murdered on October 28, 2007. While the murder was never solved, the members of the club decided to pay tribute to Donnie last year with a lacrosse tournament named “LAX for Donnie.” Team president Rob Zybrick and others put together the tournament with help from the Rec Center, school-run organizations, and the Alumni Association.

The team set up the event with the football field and intramural field as space for two separate games.  “The tournament was a dream come true. Everything went smoothly.” club Social Media and Marketing Manager, Brian Mahoney, said.

The tournament got attention from NBC10, South Jersey Times, BroBible, Barstool Sport, and The Whit (Rowan’s school newspaper). Farrell’s family was at the event too, and was given gifts, Mahoney stated. Mahoney also explained that the fundraiser had a GoFundMe that ended up with a total of $4,725 over the course of several months, which is going toward the Donnie Farrell Memorial Scholarship, of which the team had began last year.

This year’s tournament does not have a set date, but is currently expected to be in mid-April. I encourage anyone reading this to give it a look when April spring comes around. At the end of the day, though, we have to remember just who this event is for, so that we don’t let a person’s honor go unrecognized.


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