So It Begins, My First Time Meeting the Team

Tonight was fun and humbling at the same time. It’s been about five months since my own season ended, so, it was bittersweet to be on that field. I like how the team’s using the football field and I love the feel of a turf-field. At first I wasn’t sure how it would go, I mean, I didn’t have my stick with me. I wasn’t sure if anybody would take me seriously, but they are a nice team.

So far, the team has had a turn-out of about 60 players. I couldn’t believe this, really. Usually, I’d be on a team of 40, or like last year, about 20. The players for this club team though, vary between ages. That’s going to make a good dynamic in my opinion. Especially when the juniors and seniors have leadership roles, the team will benefit as the values and work-ethics trickle down. At this time, the team had already been meeting up Monday and Wednesday nights since last Monday. So, some of them seem to be getting used to the team. It’s still very early though, and so it’s too early to guess about how the bonds within the team will function or thrive.

They do have a nice playlist for practice, though. During practice, the drills set up included some fundamental work with catching, throwing, and passing. As well as that foundation work, the team also practiced using situational drills like the ones I’m used to. Drills like a full-field scrimmage-type drill. Watching this part of practice almost made me want to get involved and talk to everybody about their skills and everything, but I instead focused on watching how some players really did look good in this drill. I think this team will be good on offense, judging by tonight. Fast middies (midfielders, spellcheck doesn’t like “middies.” ) as well as a couple good attack-men. I didn’t get that great of a look at the defense but I know the goalies looked alright. As of now, it appears that they only have two, but nonetheless, I can’t wait to see how they handle it at goal. I’ll be keeping an eye on the defense out of nostalgia, and I hope I can keep myself from having too many flashbacks during this pre-season.

Good group of kids, though…Good group of kids.


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