Come Along With Me on This Journey of a Lax Time

If you’re here and you’re wondering if you really found a credible source of information, you’ve hopped onto the right spot. I’m a seasoned lacrosse veteran; having played this brutal yet therapeutic sport for five years. I began as a sophomore at Jackson Memorial High School in New Jersey, where I played J.V. as the most handsome d-pole(defensive player) on the team. Okay, I was joking about that “handsome” part but even so, I fell in love with the sport and I want to stay with it for as long as possible.

After that, I played the same position at Ocean County College for one year. At the time of this post, I still had three years left of eligibility and although I could play at Rowan University for the club team, my legs have made me decide against it. While playing for OCC, I hurt my hip-flexors and so, I won’t be playing again for a little while.

Believe it or not, I actually come from Carthage, NY. I moved to NJ in 2006, but my hometown of Carthage is also the birthplace of the famous Powell brothers. (They’re actually from West Carthage, but I’ll explain that some other time). The fact that we come from the same town (kind of) means absolutely nothing for me. I didn’t have any interest in sports until I was in Jersey. Ever since then, I’ve been on the journey of a lax-time.

With the help of this site, you’ll have pretty sweet access to every great piece of Rowan Men’s Lacrosse Club. Since I’ve just gotten here, I will be getting to know this team as I go along, and you’ll be tagging along with me. For sure, you’ll be reading all about the scores and the stats from the fall semester and maybe even beyond (that’d be pretty cool, right?), but you’ll also be getting up close with the sport as I explain in detail how things work. I plan to tailor the posts to come for people familiar with the sport as well as those who have no idea of what’s going on. I’ll also be giving reference and respect to the founders of lacrosse, the Native Americans, for I believe that they need acknowledgement. I’m here to help all of you get an idea of why the founders call this sport “the Medicine Game.”

Now, I really became metal when I joined this team. I had nicknames for everyone. I was #20 and you can find me on the left side.

Now, I really became metal when I joined this team. I had nicknames for everyone. I was #20 and you can find me on the left side.


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